Fashion | Always Ladylike

Before mother nature decided to throw winter at us without notice, winter was reminiscent of spring. Double digit temperatures filled the weather reports and I was free to roam the streets in whatever garment my heart desired. This look is very me. Simple, chic and fabulous. You’ve probably noticed that when it comes to dressing myself, I’m a basic minimalist. Black and white are my two favourite colours (I’m sorry pink!). They go perfectly together no matter the pieces, the results are always flawless. Nothing screams femininity like a pencil skirt and stilettos.

I love photo shoots like these where I get to dress up. The agency I work for is very casual (require climbing six flights of stairs to get to) and thus I don’t always get to show up at work dressed like this. Now that the weather is absolutely dreadful now, I definitely won’t be showing up to the office in a skirt. Instead, my winter days will be filled with chunky knits, trousers, and the occasional sweater dress. All this rambling to say that I couldn’t be happier to work outside my home. I worked from home for about a year and jumped at every chance I got to get dressed up and leave the house. Now I get to wake up and be the pretend barbie of my dreams everyday. So long are the springy days of winter, and hello -19 weather!



Stay Fancy! xox