Ask Nene | An Introduction

ask nene headerScreen Shot 2015-05-27 at 10.12.14 AMWhen it came time to add a contributor to The Fancy Nancy, the first person that came to mind was my friend and main squeeze Nene. We met at my current roommate’s old place (which was also my place for some time) and quickly became friends. As they say the best friendships are those with blurred beginnings. We bonded over our love for tequila and our career obsession. When I’m confused about anything, I can always count on her to give me her honest opinion. She’s smart, funny, witty and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. With all of that said, every week on the blog Nene will voice her opinion on any subject you guys want. On Thursdays I’ll advise when it’s time for your questions/discussion topics. All questions have to be submitted by Saturday night at 8pm EST. Nene will then pick a question at random and on the following Wednesday her answer will be published here. I’m excited to see how this collaboration will grow. I leave you now with a quick interview I did with Nene just to give you all a glimpse of her open mindedness.

Name: Hady Diallo

Profession: Accountant/Entrepreneur

Spirit Animal: Some website told me it was the Owl. I think it’s a drunken Owl. Or Mufasa.

Favourite Drink:  Long island iced tea all day, everyday.

Life Motto: KAIZEN! I truly believe none of us were put on this earth to be ordinary. If you are… then you missed your calling. Godspeed.

What keeps you going? Experiences. When I’m old and crazy, my memories will be everything. I’m doing what I can to keep my old, crazy self entertained in due time. You should do the same… just saying. Also knowing that whatever I am today, I’m alive and therefore have the chance to become better at anything I deem important.

What’s your take on love? We all have our own ideas and meanings about love. Disney did a good job at lying to us though. Anything that makes your soul a little bit more fulfilled is love. Love as we think we know it DOES NOT EXIST. Get over yourself. However, loving your fabulous self is always a safe gamble.

There you have it! I hope you’re all as excited as I am about this collaboration. Until next time!