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It’s always hard to decide which products are my favourites because I have so many. I’ve always been a beauty product junkie – the thought of getting to try a new beauty regiment always excited me. I love skincare product, lotions, fresh scents… and the list goes on. My addiction skyrocketed when I launched the blog because nowI had a reason to talk about all the products I was trying out, hence I started buying more (bad, I know). This last month, I’ve been testing out some items in The Body Shop’s British Rose line. These products were an impulse purchase (like most items I own). I wasn’t planning on buying anything but I was drawn to the scent, and also because I love roses and anything associated with them. I instantly fell in love with them (especially the body butter), hence why they made my favourites list. Other items on my list are from my favourite skincare brand NeoStrata, and from another loved brand, Nivea.  

#1. British Rose Body Butter

I love scented moisturizers, so naturally I was drawn to this one. It applies very smoothly on the skin and doesn’t leave residue. The hint of rose is perfect for when you want to smell great, but don’t want to wear perfume (which is how I feel 70% of the time). It always leaves me feeling very soft and rosey.thefancynancy-the-fancy-nancy-beautyfavourites-the-body-shop-thebodyshop-bodyshop-body-shop-rose-collection-neostrata-neostrata-canada-nivea-nivea-canada-canadian-beauty-blogger-2-favourites

#2 British Rose Shower Gel

Like everything else in the British Rose collection, the gel is infused with the essence of handpicked roses. It’s light, refreshing, and creates a very luxurious and creamy lather.thefancynancy-the-fancy-nancy-beautyfavourites-the-body-shop-thebodyshop-bodyshop-body-shop-rose-collection-neostrata-neostrata-canada-nivea-nivea-canada-canadian-beauty-blogger-3-favourites

#3. British Rose Exfoliating Soap

I’m not a bar soap girl and usually swear by liquid soaps for a refreshing feeling. I was surprised by how clean and soft my skin felt after using this product. It contains real rose petals, which is kind of cool, and has an amazing scent to it that makes showering even more enjoyable.thefancynancy-the-fancy-nancy-beautyfavourites-the-body-shop-thebodyshop-bodyshop-body-shop-rose-collection-neostrata-neostrata-canada-nivea-nivea-canada-canadian-beauty-blogger-4-favourites

#4 & 5. Neostrata’s Matifying Fluid and Clarifying Lotion

I have an oily T-zone and large pores that are hard to conceal when applying makeup. Imagine my surprise when after only two weeks of using the Clarifying Lotion, my pores were drastically minimized. I love that this product doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry, which is what other pore minimizers made it feel like. To top it off, the Matifying Fluid completely matifies my T-zone and it stays matte for the entire day. These two products combined give me the flawless base I need to apply my makeup in the morning, or just go about my day makeup-free.thefancynancy-the-fancy-nancy-beautyfavourites-the-body-shop-thebodyshop-bodyshop-body-shop-rose-collection-neostrata-neostrata-canada-nivea-nivea-canada-canadian-beauty-blogger-6-favourites

#6. Nivea Q10 Plus’ Anti-Wrinkle Serum Pearls

I’ve only been using the Serum Pearls for a few weeks, but I’ve already started to note the smoother skin around my eyes. I’m always on the go and usually run on minimal sleep, so a product that can minimize the drawbacks of sleepless nights around my eyes is always welcome in my regime.thefancynancy-the-fancy-nancy-beautyfavourites-the-body-shop-thebodyshop-bodyshop-body-shop-rose-collection-neostrata-neostrata-canada-nivea-nivea-canada-canadian-beauty-blogger-7-favourites

#7. British Rose Eau de Toilette

This product just smells really nice. I love that’s not too scented to the point of obnoxious – it’s just enough to give me a hint of roses.thefancynancy-the-fancy-nancy-beautyfavourites-the-body-shop-thebodyshop-bodyshop-body-shop-rose-collection-neostrata-neostrata-canada-nivea-nivea-canada-canadian-beauty-blogger-1-favourites

I hope you enjoyed my beauty favourites. What are yours? Sound off in the comment section.