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Throughout the year, I heard numerous praises about Korean beauty products. I spent countless hours on YouTube watching review after review on the different beauty masks offered in the Korean market. I was a little bit afraid to try the many Korean beauty products out there because I didn’t think they catered to my skin type. Many of their products focus on skin brightening, thus the main reason for my restrain. With a little bit of research (and it doesn’t hurt that I live 5 minutes away from the new Holika Holika store), I was able to locate a few Korean beauty products I felt comfortable enough to use. the_fancy_nancy_holika_holika_holikaholika_koreanbeauty_korean_beauty_products_yongeeglinton_yonge_eglinton_centre_1the_fancy_nancy_holika_holika_holikaholika_koreanbeauty_korean_beauty_products_yongeeglinton_yonge_eglinton_centre_2the_fancy_nancy_holika_holika_holikaholika_koreanbeauty_korean_beauty_products_yongeeglinton_yonge_eglinton_centre_3

Of the 3 products above, the Aqua Fantasy gel lotion had to be my favourite. The paraben free formula felt like ice water when applied to my face, giving me a very cooling feeling. It also left my face feeling hydrated all day without an oily feel. I also really enjoyed the Good Cera sleep mask. After washing my face, I simply dabbed a small amount on my skin and let the product work through the night. I washed it off the next morning and was left with very moisturized skin.

the_fancy_nancy_holika_holika_holikaholika_koreanbeauty_korean_beauty_products_yongeeglinton_yonge_eglinton_centre_6I’m new to the whole cleansing oil thing. I’ve read many reviews about a few of them which listed their great qualities (simple, natural…) but never got around to trying one out. I did however jump at the chance of trying the Daily Garden Olive Fermented Cleansing Foam and the Seed Blossom Cleansing Oil. The Olive cleansing foam was my favourite of the two. It had a nice smell (think baby powder) and kept my skin hydrated throughout the cleansing. The only downside is that it didn’t foam as I expected. Compared to my usual cleanser (I use Dove beauty bars to clean my face), the cleansing foam left my skin a lot more hydrated after the wash, I didn’t feel any of the tightening I usually feel when washing my face with the beauty bar. The Seed Blossom cleansing oil cleaned off my foundation really well.

the_fancy_nancy_holika_holika_holikaholika_koreanbeauty_korean_beauty_products_yongeeglinton_yonge_eglinton_centre_8 the_fancy_nancy_holika_holika_holikaholika_koreanbeauty_korean_beauty_products_yongeeglinton_yonge_eglinton_centre_9 the_fancy_nancy_holika_holika_holikaholika_koreanbeauty_korean_beauty_products_yongeeglinton_yonge_eglinton_centre_10Korean beauty masks have become a lot more famous lately so it was only a matter of time before I tried one. Of the 3 masks I tried, the 3 step Golden Monkey Glamour Lip Kit was my absolute favourite. It took about 20 minutes for the whole process but it was absolutely worth it. My lips were so hydrated that they felt as though they were continuously exposed to fresh water. I also really enjoyed both face masks, honey being my favourite of the two. The masks felt very nourishing and left my skin feeling clean, tight and super hydrated. The best thing about the masks is the nice aroma they give off. I definitely suggest indulging in those masks when you have a little bit of alone time.

the_fancy_nancy_holika_holika_holikaholika_koreanbeauty_korean_beauty_products_yongeeglinton_yonge_eglinton_centre_4 the_fancy_nancy_holika_holika_holikaholika_koreanbeauty_korean_beauty_products_yongeeglinton_yonge_eglinton_centre_5Of course I couldn’t write a beauty blog post without talking about my favourite product of all. Although it’s not a Korean beauty product, I wanted to talk about the importance of taking care of one’s skin during the dryer winter months. Although taken great care of our faces is very important, we cannot forget the rest of our bodies. To keep my skin feeling great all year round (especially in the winter), I use Dove’s nutrium moisture body wash. It’s hands down the most moisturizing body wash I’ve ever used and I’m absolutely obsessed with it. I never miss a chance to buy them in bulk when they’re on sale, my linen closet is filled with the different scents. My two favourite ones at the moment are citrus and coconut. Both body washes feel so great on my skin and leave me with a silky smooth feeling all day long.

I definitely think Korean beauty products are a must during the winter months. They leave your skin hydrated throughout the day, which is always a great plus when the air outside dries out. For all your Korean beauty product needs, make sure to visit Holika Holika at the Yonge Eglinton Centre.

Photos by Jodianne Beckford

PS: Those products were provided to me by the Holika Holika team. I’ve always wanted to try Korean beauty products and jumped at the chance to collaborate with them. The reviews are reflective of my true opinions of the products.