Beauty | Oceane

Beauty | Oceane

Shandel and I stumbled upon this Oceane facial peeling gel during our trip to Miami. We were walking through Lincoln Road Mall and were intercepted by Giovanni, the store manager at Timeless Cosmetics. He told us about all the amazing qualities of this product, tested it on our hands (for wow factor) and convinced us to purchase it. I have to say, as a salesman, he was extremely convincing. He even gave us an incredible discount + a facial, which is the only reason we purchased it. It’s a gentle exfoliating and peeling treatment for the face. It’s supposed to remove pore-clogging residue that lead to skin problems. According to Giovanni, that little USD $185 container is supposed to last a whole year if used properly. They suggest using the gel only once a week, after a shower or a thorough facial cleanse. He also promised that my dark spots will disappear after one month of use, and that my skin will be noticeably dewy and soft. I plan on using this product as directed to see if it will yield the results as promised. Below is a step by step pictorial of how to use the gel, as well as a look at my face before and after. The first time using it left my skin feeling regularly soft, as you would with any peeling gels or exfoliation treatments. I have a lot of dark spots on my cheeks and are hoping they will disappear within a month. I’ll continue to post updates on my social media pages, so be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

Oceane facial peeling gel

Routine step 1

Routine step 2SpoonfulRoutine Step 3Routine step 4

You can purchase the gel here.