Beauty | My 5 Minute Face

Getting ready is the morning is a battle for many women. We’re tired, sleepy, and just don’t want to spend too long getting our game face on for the day. Personally, I’ve always had an issue waking up and getting ready for anything because I’m not a morning person. Every extra second of sleep I could get, I take. Because I was always tired while getting ready, I never did much to my face and in turn looked tired when I left the house. Luckily, I managed to work on a 5 minute face routine. When I combine the 5 minutes it takes to apply my makeup with the 15 minutes it takes me to quickly curl my hair, I get ready for the day in as little as 20 minutes, 25 if I’m extra tired. See below for the products I use as well as my process. It’s virtually nothing as I don’t wear a lot of makeup on a regular basis. I just make sure that my brows are done, lashes coated, lips moisturized and cheeks peachy. I hope it helps anyone trying to figure out a quick morning beauty routine.

What I use

Screenshot 2015-03-24 17.31.09


1. The first thing I do is moisturize my lips with my favourite EOS lip balm.





Screenshot 2015-03-24 17.32.18




2. I then apply Biotherm’s Aquasource CC Gel in medium tone to my skin. This evens out my skin tone, and feels very refreshing.





Screenshot 2015-03-24 17.33.04



3. My first coat of mascara is next. I start off with one coat of L’Oreal’s voluminous false fiber lashes. It gets my lashes prepped for my next mascara.




Screenshot 2015-03-24 17.29.26




4. My second coat of mascara is Lancome’s Grandiose mascara. This allows my lashes to completely fan out, and gives it more volume.




Screenshot 2015-03-24 17.36.12




5. I then line my eyes with my NYX waterproof jet black eye liner. It’s honestly the best eyeliner I’ve ever used. The dramatic look lasts all day.





Screenshot 2015-03-24 17.49.40



6. I fill in and define my brow with the L’Oreal (I love their products) Super Liner Brow Artist pencil. I’ve tried many brow pencils, and so far this is my favourite.




Screenshot 2015-03-24 17.30.18




7. I very lightly line my lips with the NYX lip liner pencil in Hot Red. I because I’m going for a soft daytime look, I only apply the liner on the outer corners of my lips.



Screenshot 2015-03-24 17.34.59



8. I then apply my favourite pink lipstick. It’s the Lancome cream lipstick in the color Wannabe. It’s so far the only pink shade that I’ve tried that doesn’t look weird on my lips. It gives me a very natural look.


Screenshot 2015-03-24 17.33.54



9. After the lipstick, I apply my foundation. Because I don’t use concealer, I make sure to effectively cover all my blemishes and imperfections while applying the foundation. The one I currently use is the Revlon Photo Ready foundation in 012 Mocha with SPF.


Screenshot 2015-03-24 18.00.26




10. Last but not least, I apply a little blush on my cheeks for the perfect rosy pink finish. I use Lancome’s Midnight Rose.



Quick overview & finished look



I hope this post will help you figure out your 5 minute beauty routine. Please note that I do not set my curls everyday, I save that extra step for my 1 hour beauty routine (haha).

PS: I do not own the product images.