Black Blogger’s Brunch | Sponsored by Cloré Beauty Supply

I’ve been blogging since 2015 and it’s been a road filled with ups and downs. I’m very thankful and grateful for all the opportunities blogging has afforded me; from getting invited to exclusive events, to travel opportunities, and brand collaborations, blogging has been pretty good to me so far. Despite all the amazing opportunities, I’ve always felt a void within the blogging community in Toronto. This void is the lack of black bloggers. Most of the time when I attend brand events, I’m always one of two (if I’m lucky 3) black bloggers in attendance.

It puzzles me because I know so many amazing black bloggers who deserve to be invited to those events, as they too have a voice and an audience to share it with. Same goes with brand collaborations, I often receive inquiries from black bloggers asking how to get said collaborations. I think it came a little bit easier to me because I work in the marketing/PR industry and was able to leverage my connections and experience to elevate my blog. But for others, the opportunities aren’t there. It’s frustrating, even for myself. Often times, I’m always expected to have more followers/readers/subscribers/engagements… than my non-black counterparts when vying for the same collaborations.

The opportunities are there, but they’re often times only available for one or two of us. Which brings me to the Black Blogger’s Brunch. I’ve been wanting to host this event for a little bit over 8 months now, but always get discouraged when I hear certain commentary. After meeting and talking to Chioma of My African Corner, I was more inspired than ever to host this event. I’m excited to be bringing together 30 black bloggers from the GTA for an afternoon of great food and conversation. We need to talk about our frustrations and how we’ll work towards fixing them. Organizations like My African Corner are setting things in place for African businesses, and I’ll be launching my Black Blogger’s directory/mini agency at the event to help and uplift our community.

This is the first of many brunches and events I’ll be planning around the city. We were fortunate enough to have Cloré Beauty Supply as our presenting sponsor for this first event and look forward to all the other sponsors who will be contributing to the gift bags at the event. More details to come on my Instagram and Facebook pages. In the meantime, buy your tickets here as there are only 30 seats available and its first come first serve.


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