Entertain | Easter Place Settings


I find every and any excuse to decorate my table for dinner. When setting the table for guests, I always make sure it’s colorful, playful, and that it matches the theme (if any). Since Easter is around the corner, I came up with a few fun and very cute table setting ideas that did not break the bank. The most important thing of course is the center piece. I went with a small arrangement of hydrangeas, tulips and two little bunny sticks I found at the dollar store. See below for what I came up with. I hope you enjoy!


If you’re very simple and don’t want your guest’s plates to look too busy with “stuff”, simply stage a beautiful Easter themed plate, cutlery and glasses. I picked up this plate at my local Winners store for $3. If you can’t find anything with a bunny or eggs on it, go for pastel colored plates.



To spruce up the plate, try adding a store bought (if you’re very crafty than handmade) eggs nest. It adds an extra touch to the Easter vibe you’re trying to set at the table. If you’re feeling extra generous, put an chocolate bunny in the center of the nest. It makes for a beautiful decor and a tasty treat at the end of dinner or brunch.



When setting your table with soup bowls, be sure to put tasty treats in the bowls as a fun surprise for your guests. Also, don’t be afraid to play with colors as I did with the green plates and yellow cloth napkin.


The simplest and easiest of all place settings is simply placing a spring flower on tops of your neatly folded napkin. I used tulips as they are most associated with Easter, and don’t take up too much space on the table. Tulips are also easily found during this time of year.

I hope you enjoyed the place setting options I have above and that they will inspire your Easter celebration. Don’t forget these important words of advice: use pastel/spring colors, have chocolate on the table (Easter eggs for decoration), and most importantly, be creative with what you already have at home.