#Foodporn | Eataly

Have you guys heard the amazing news? Eataly is finally coming to Toronto!!! Word has is that the Weston family (Loblaws, PC…) are the ones bringing the grocery store to Canada’s foodie hub. Eataly started in 2007 is a combination of upscale supermarkets of fine goods such as wines, cheeses, handmade pastas and more. They also have cooking classes and many restaurants in the same location. I first visited Eataly two years ago when I spent Christmas in New York with the boy. It was the place where all my Italian food dreams came true. There was wine and food tasting, fresh seafood, pasta and produce… and everything else that made the grocery lover in me get REALLY excited. If I lived in NYC, I’d probably be a regular there for lunch and grocery shopping alike. Ever since, I’ve been back to Eataly every time I visit New York.

When I planned my weekend in Chicago, I knew I had to visit their Eataly location. It felt much bigger than as the NYC one, and it was just as festive and packed with delicious smells from all the restaurants and fruit markets. Gillis and I had lunch at Il Pesce & Le Verdure and as expected, it did not disappoint. My Branzino was just as delicious (photo below). I can’t wait for the marketplace to open in Toronto, I know I’ll definitely become a regular. The good thing is that the menu offerings at most of their restaurants are very affordable, and thus you won’t be breaking the bank by eating there regularly. You can also take some cooking lessons and learn a few tips to impress your friends and family with. 
Eataly-thefancynancy-the-fancy-nancy-eatalytoronto-eataly-toronto-eatalychicago-eataly-chicagoEataly-thefancynancy-the-fancy-nancy-eatalytoronto-eataly-toronto-eatalychicago-eataly-chicagoEataly-thefancynancy-the-fancy-nancy-eatalytoronto-eataly-toronto-eatalychicago-eataly-chicago Eataly-thefancynancy-the-fancy-nancy-eatalytoronto-eataly-toronto-eatalychicago-eataly-chicago Eataly-thefancynancy-the-fancy-nancy-eatalytoronto-eataly-toronto-eatalychicago-eataly-chicago

Have you guys ever been to Eataly? If so, let me know which one you’ve been to and your favourite thing about it in the comment section below.