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Those of you who follow me on social media know that I spent Easter weekend eating my heart out in Chicago. One of the highlights of my trip and the reason I was really excited about my trip was dining at RPM Italian, a restaurant owned by E!’s Giuliana and Bill Rancic. I’ve heard and read many reviews about their restaurants, both RPM Steak and RPM Italian, and couldn’t wait to taste the food at both locations. Unfortunately, I wasn’t travelling alone, and thus had to accommodate my travel buddy by only adding one of the restaurants to our itinerary. We went with the Italian restaurant and I couldn’t have been happier (we ended up going to another steakhouse the next day so my meat cravings were satisfied).

Upon arrival, I was very pleased by the atmosphere. The staff was very courteous and quickly escorted us to our table. Our waiter was really nice and recommended delicious options. As a huge fan of Italian cuisine, I consumed 3 filling dishes in one sitting. I started with the wood-roasted octopus, which were delicious. I started eating octopus roughly two years ago (after getting over the gross factor) and I never looked back. It makes for a savoury appetizer. I should learn to cook more of it myself. Gillis had the prime beef meatballs. I’m not a huge fan of meatballs, but these ones were DELICIOUS! Everything from the sauce to the perfectly seasoned and cooked meat – it was so good I would have ordered a full serving for myself had I not had 2 more dishes coming. She also had pizza.

My pasta dreams came true at the first bite of my spicy king crab spaghetti. Everything about that meal was delicious; the pasta was cooked to perfection, it was loaded with crab (which is rare as most restaurants skimp on seafood) and the sauce pulled everything together. I concluded my meal with a carbonara. I’m very picky with carbonara as it’s my favourite pasta dish and I make it often at home (mine is better obvs). The one at RPM impressed me. I loved that they served it with the yolk perfectly intact on top of the pasta. The server broke it and mixed it in front of me. I definitely need to add that (and a cheese wheel) to my table-side experience at my dinner parties.
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I couldn’t have been more pleased with my dinner at RPM Italian. The food was so delicious that I left the restaurant stuffed and wobbly (I danced it off later that night). I can’t wait to return to Chicago and visit RPM Steak. I’ll also invest in a tiny camera next time because even iPhones don’t take the best photos in the dark.


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