I survived my first round of law school assessments! Last week was BUSY, to say the least. I was studying for my contract exam, prepping for an oral presentation, writing a research trail and two essays – all while also preparing and attending workshops as scheduled. I didn’t even realize we were in a new month until Sunday.

I’ve learned a lot about myself since moving to London. Things I thought would break me, now only give me the motivation to push harder. I’m definitely a lot more resilient than I thought. My first few weeks were plagued with health issues; from my vaccine that left me in so much pain, to my eyes going crazy… it was BAD. But through it all, I prayed and thanked God.

I’ve learned to just THANK GOD for everything I go through. Many people go through way worse predicaments, so I can’t act like woe is me every time. I have to accept that not everything will go according to MY plans…they will go according to HIS plans. 2017 has definitely been my year of realizations (insert Kylie Jenner meme lol). I’ve realized that living with faith and relying on God is a whole lot easier than trying to do it all myself.

I’m now juggling a business back in Toronto, Congo Fashion Week stuff, a full course load, many long distance relationships (fiancé, family and friends), and I’m doing all of that without going crazy. I just have this peace of mind because I know that I’m taken care of. I need not worry, as long as I do my part and spend time with God.

As the year draws to a close (it’s almost my birthday ya’ll), I’m relying more and more on God to finish STRONG. Many make plans, but get discouraged at this time of year. I also get discouraged from time to time; I think about the items on my to-do list that haven’t gotten ticked off and I panic because I don’t have much time left. Thankfully the more I spend time with God, the more I know I’ll be great.

I know I’ve been sharing a lot about my faith on the blog, but I do so because it’s grown to be so important to me. I’ve had a TRYING year, and couldn’t have made it this far without God. I hope that my blog posts inspire even just one person to keep going.


Photography by George