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I’ve been so busy that I failed to realize that my last blog was almost a month old… shoot. The first thing I told myself when I got back on the blogosphere was not to let 3 days go by without a blog post. I had a plan (if you haven’t noticed already, I’m a manic planner). What I didn’t account for in my plan is the fact that I’m in the process of launching two businesses by myself. Basically from the time my last blog post went up on February 22, I’ve been busy 24/7. I was blessed with fast growth for one of my companies, NKL Marketing. I quickly gained clients (thanks to God) and work quickly took over.

I’m now juggling 4 clients on my own, with the hopes of adding more to my roster by the end of the month. How will I do it you may ask? Sacrifice. Until I’m able to hire the right person, I have to sacrifice regular blog updates and my social life. When I leave home it’s to meet with clients and for business development. My weekends are spent working and squeezing in some quality time with the boy (who has been my rock). Thankfully, my work is finally interesting enough to generate content for Instagram, which funny enough was my goal. I wanted to be able to live an instagrammable life 24/7, after all, that’s what being The Fancy Nancy is all about.

So to my readers, I apologize if I’m not able to post on the blog regularly, please bare with me until April, I’ll have hired someone by then and will learn to find a 60/40 work-blog balance. Until then, stay in touch on Instagram and Twitter. I’m planning a lot of exciting content starting April 1st. Most importantly, I’ll be cooking again!!! So stay tuned, stay in touch, and stay Fancy!