Self-reflection is something we should constantly do. At the end of every day, week, and month we should reflect on what was accomplished and overlooked. At the end of each year, we should take the time to analyze the year in order to prepare for the next. You should be able to see growth year after year, I know I do. For some reason, it feels like each year goes by faster than the last. 2017 flew by for me, perhaps because it was my most exciting and challenging year yet.

Yesterday on Instastories, I shared a recap of my entire year month by month. It was something I wanted to do for a while but was reluctant. I didn’t want to seem “braggy” about my achievements or whiny about my challenges and failures. I did it anyway because I strongly believe in transparency, especially as a blogger.

Most people who aren’t in my “inner circle” think my life is all roses and daisies because of what I choose to share on the blog and social media. It’s common for bloggers not to share all the behind the scenes work because it’s so unglamorous. I think that every once in a while it’s important for bloggers to break that illusion of perfection and share the hard work that goes behind what we do, mostly because I don’t want to lead on my readers.

As you saw in my 2017 recap, I had one of my toughest, but most rewarding years yet. I decided on December 31, 2016, that I would give my all to God. It was my first time making such a commitment to my relationship with God. As a Christian, I know that when you fully commit to God, many challenges come your way to get you off track. What I did not know was the amount of curveballs life would throw my way.

Throughout the year I faced everything from mental breakdowns, physical illness (the number of times I got really ill this year was just insane), financial stress, emotional stress… and more. With the challenges, came even greater successes. I started a successful business, managed to keep the blog going and grow my readership, hosted my first event (black blogger’s brunch), got engaged, moved to the UK (London) for law school and travelled to amazing destinations.

Throughout all my challenges, I kept God’s word next to me. When I felt the most overwhelmed, I went to Believers Academy at my church and learned about what it means to truly have a relationship with God. I applied the same study methods I apply at school to my study of the Bible. The She Reads Truth bible my fiancé got me was the greatest gift I received this year (after my engagement ring of course). It allowed me to study the bible and learn to rely on God and just place my life in his hands.

In my self-reflection of 2017, I found my biggest lesson of the year, which kept me going these past 12 months; Proverbs 3:5-6. Throughout the year I trusted in God with all my heart. There were times where I relied on my own understanding (mostly when I felt overwhelmed) and the moment I would just run back to God, everything fell into place. As I gave my life to him, he guided me every step of the way to where I am today.

I wanted to thank every single person who reads this blog. The blog hasn’t been the most consistent (working on that, I promise), but you stuck along for the ride and I appreciate all of you and pray that 2018 will be a favourable one IJN. The older I get, the more I grow to realize that transparency and honesty are the way to go, and that’s where the blog is heading. I will be more open and real (but will obviously keep a few things to myself of course).

I can’t wait to take you guys along with me in 2018. I’ll be planning my traditional wedding (July 2018) and white wedding (summer 2019), exploring Congo with the Congo Fashion Week team, studying and mastering English law and exploring more of Europe and Nigeria with my soon to be husband.

Thank you so much again for following and reading the blog. I wish you all a happy and safe NYE. xx




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  2. December 30, 2017 / 8:40 am

    Praise God! You are an inspiring women! Thank you for sharing and for being very transparent with us. My pastor always says “your testimony is often the key to someone’s else deliverance”. Keep sharing your journey with the world (#iamhereforit). May your faith in God and His word continue to keep and protect you. Happy New Year to you and your soon to be hubby. Blessings. BISOU!

    • The Fancy Nancy December 31, 2017 / 1:57 pm

      Thank you so much Prisca! Your support is very appreciated. I hope to inspire you as you continue reading the blog. God bless you in 2018 xo