Personal | What I learned in 2015

Seeing how 2015 is ending at the stroke of midnight tonight, I figured it was the perfect time to reflect on the last 12 months. This year has been quite an insane one. It was busy, it was hard and it went by in the blink of an eye. I have had a lot of great opportunities in 2015, as well as a lot of hardships. Of my twenty something life, I have to say that 2015 was definitely the year that taught me the most. Here are the lessons I learned in 2015…

1. More friends, more problems. I’ve never been one to collect friends like candy. I grew up with a mother who always preached that the more friends you have, the more trouble you will face. This statement was very true for me this year. The hard times made me realize the friends I will crossover into the new year with and the ones who will no longer be a part of my life. Now that we’re in our twenties, the friendships we have are the ones who will turn into family the older we get. That’s why it’s important for me to choose the right people to be in my close circle.

2. Patience, patience, patience. 2015 definitely tested my patience in so many ways. I like seeing the fruit of my labour immediately after completing a task, that wasn’t the case this year. I thought that after 6 months of blogging I would have it all together, boy was I wrong. It took a lot longer than I thought to get into a rhythm and build my readership. Many other things I went through from my job to details of my personal required a lot of patience. Ultimately I learned to stop pitting myself against unrealistic expectations and to just wait and see.

3. When we plan, God laughs. I’m the 5 year plan type of girl. I plan my life to the second and update the plan as I go (I don’t really like to do that). I quickly learned this year that life throws the craziest curve balls. Many things in my life have changed, some I’m happy and excited about and others not so much. Despite the derailing of my rigid life plan, I’m not worried because I know God is in control of my life.

4. Prayer is key. One of the biggest lessons I learned this year is to always rely on God and prayer for everything in my life. I noticed that days started with prayers were the happiest and most stress-free days, whereas the others were filled with hurdles. I’m not the sharpest christian in the bible but I’m trying. My goal for the new year is to pray more and continue to develop my faith.

5. Appreciate the small stuff. I have so many little things to be thankful for that made me an overall happier person. Whether it’s getting to celebrate my birthday in Paris (albeit a few months in advance) with my best friends, getting to roam around Europe with the boy, or the interesting conversations with my 2 year old niece. Not every moment in life will be grand, it’s important to also recognize the little things that matter. Tea Party (2 of 2)

Cheers to all the sunsets we got to see this year, and to many more in 2016!