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I’m struggling to write this blog post as my fingers thaw from being outside in the frigid temperatures (-31) for 10 minutes. My Canadian readers can identify with me right now as we’re all going through this struggle called winter.After the mild winter we enjoyed in December and early January, Mother Nature decided to unleash a lengthy deep-freeze among us. For the first time in a long time I have to leave home to get to work every morning. It’s a scary thought because I hate the cold. I hate it because I ALWAYS get sick, at least 2-3 times. My colds are awful and last forever. This year, because I’m out and about so much, I decided to take my quest to stay healthy a lot more seriously. I protect myself a lot better, wearing many layers and never forgetting my accessories (hat, mittens and scarf). 

To stay healthy, I also keep the products (shown below) in my daily arsenal. Tea, tangerines (or oranges), and honey. Those three things are my best friends during the winter months. Tea warms my heart. I have a slight obsession with Tetley teas; I have roughly 4 cups a day. I always make sure to squeeze in some lemon juice and sweeten my tea with honey for an extra immune boost. When not drinking tea, I always snack on tangerines or oranges. Funny enough, I don’t eat those fruits during the summer months because I’m not a big fan. I force myself to indulge in them in the winter because of their immune boosting benefits. I love homey, not only for its health benefits, but also for its taste. I often consume a spoonful of honey in the morning with breakfast. It helps soothe my throat (which is often sore because I talk to much), and just tastes delicious. Other things I use to make sure I stay healthy throughout winter are vitamin C and Omega 3 pills. I take those everyday to give me extra immunity. I hope my tips will help you all stay healthy during the next month or so! 

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