Style | Casual Power Suit

And just like that I’m back home, ready to face the real world. The 3.5 weeks I spent in Thailand were absolutely amazing. It prepared me for my new challenges ahead, wearing multiple hats as the owner of a new digital marketing agency, NKL Marketing. A big part of my day will be spent doing business development aka going out to meet with potential clients. I’m usually very nervous when meeting new people and being well dressed is something that helps calm my nerves. This casual power suit is one of my favourite looks for hanging out with friends, and for the occasional coffee with a certain type of clientele.

I’m a no fuss outfit planner, so I love that this look only requires 3 pieces. Beige is definitely a colour I turn to during the colder months as it offers a mild pop of colour and looks very clean. I also braved the cold and opted for my favourite barely there sandals as opposed to boots. I can’t wait to try out many variations of my casual power suits in the coming weeks as I spend more time out there meeting new people. Before leaving the house I always make sure to look my best as 1, you never know who you’ll run into, and 2, looking good increases self-confidence. Whenever I need another reason to go the extra mile with my look, I always think to myself WWMD (What Would Marie DO). The Marie in question is my mom, Marie-France. Her lessons and sometimes nagging about always being overdressed have stuck with me. I never leave the house without earrings (that’s for another blog post), or without making sure that she would approve of my outfit if I were going to meet with her. Knowing my mom, she would definitely love my casual power suit.