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It’s been a WHILE since I shot an outfit for public view so I was very nervous about this blog post. I always thought that my friend and photographer Jodianne would shoot my “I’m back” outfit, but she’s currently in Paris, and I’m in Thailand. With no photographer in tow, I got dressed, picked up my camera and tripod and headed outside.

I picked the worst time of the day to shoot because the sun was so bright and I was sweating so much from all the back and forth of setting up the timer and attempting to pose. It was quite funny, a few bystanders stopped to laugh at me. As embarrassed as I was, I pulled through and managed to drum up these few photos you see above, not bad for a first time self-portrait.

Anyhow, the romper is from a cute shop on Queen West called Zumel and Co. I discovered it while walking around the neighbourhood last year and quickly fell in love. I’ve since purchased a few more pieces from them. I wore this romper on my trips to Punta Cana and Vegas, but never photographed it – so I was pretty excited to finally photograph it. Rompers are definitely a vacation must for me. They’re so comfortable and make for the easiest one piece outfits. I’m also obsessed with the off-the-shoulder look for warm climates. I have an armpit fat insecurity (many women can relate), and this style hides it perfectly. Well, it’s off to bed for me. I’ll try to upload an outfit post every two days, but be sure to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat at @thefancynancy19 for live details.