Style | Omi Woods

I’ve been under so much stress this year with the business, family and more that I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight since the beginning of the year. My mom, ever so concerned doesn’t think I eat enough and would love for me to quickly put on 10lbs.

I, on the other hand, struggled for a little bit with my new weight. I would wake up feeling too skinny/bony. I even went to see my Dr to ask him why I was shedding so much weight despite maintaining a relatively healthy diet. He assured me that I was fine and that I should try and be less stressed out, as it was a likely contributor to my weight loss.

It took a while to feel “beautiful” in my new skin, especially when EVERYONE around me kept commenting on my weight. When I finally got over everyone’s comments, I started embracing myself once again. I know this probably sounds like a “poor skinny girl” rant, but body image issues affect everyone, so it’s important for me to talk about it in hopes of helping someone going through a similar situation.

I loved wearing this dress because it made me feel very comfortable and beautiful. The dress shape gave me some curves, and the length accentuated my legs – my favorite body part (after my clavicles). This dress by OMI WOODS has a very effortless vibe to it, but also looks very elegant and girly. I of course paired it with my Louboutins, and Sunglass La sunnies for a bit of edge.

I was reluctant to wear off-shoulder dresses because they tend to make me look “too skinny”. To my surprise, this dress simply made me feel good and confident, and there’s nothing sexier than that.