Travel | A Day at the Zoo

Back to reality! If you follow me on Instagram and other social media sites, you know that I’ve recently returned from an amazing vacation. The boy and I headed to Europe for 10 days full of laughter and great memories. It was great to disconnect (sort-of) and just enjoy the sights and each others’ company. During our 10 day European marathon (it really was), we went to Brussels, Amsterdam, Rome (and Vatican City) as well as Paris. On this post I’ll be sharing one of my favourite memories from the trip to Amsterdam. We spent a great afternoon at the Artis Zoo acting like teenagers. I hadn’t been to the zoo in a VERY long time and almost forgot how fun it was to simply walk around and marvel at the wonders of the world. I loved the fact that the animals had a lot of space to roam, they seemed so free to just be themselves. Most birds were roaming around the entire zoo and interacting with visitors. My favourite animals to look at were giraffes. They were so beautiful and elegant and walked around with such grace. Lions were of course napping and the zebras were even more beautiful than I remembered. Although it was a bit chilly, we had a great time. If I ever go back to Amsterdam, I’ll definitely visit the zoo again and the next time I’ll know to wear more comfortable shoes. Thefancynancy_Europe_amsterdam_zoo_2 Thefancynancy_Europe_amsterdam_zoo_1 Thefancynancy_Europe_amsterdam_zoo_3 They let me out of the cage.Thefancynancy_Europe_amsterdam_zoo_11 Thefancynancy_Europe_amsterdam_zoo_10 Thefancynancy_Europe_amsterdam_zoo_4 Lions… forever napping.Thefancynancy_Europe_amsterdam_zoo_7 Thefancynancy_Europe_amsterdam_zoo_9 Thefancynancy_Europe_amsterdam_zoo_5 Thefancynancy_Europe_amsterdam_zoo_6

We also enjoyed a delicious dinner that evening. We dined at Café-Restaurant de Plantage which overlooks the zoo. I had a seafood pasta and boyfriend had chicken and vegetable. The food was delicious and gave us enough energy to venture through Amsterdam’s Red Light district afterwards for an interesting night. Thefancynancy_Europe_amsterdam_zoo_12 Thefancynancy_Europe_amsterdam_zoo_14 Thefancynancy_Europe_amsterdam_zoo_613