Travel | Caffeine Boost


Adjusting to a new timezone requires a major caffeine boost. I need a little dose to jumpstart my days here, especially now that my internal clock decided that 6am is an appropriate time to wake up. I’m not much of a coffee person usually, when I’m home I tend to favour teas with a little bit of caffeine to help wake me up because I hate the taste of coffee. For some reason I’ve been loving coffee in Thailand. Not sure if it’s the bean or the milk (or just the fact that I’m on vacation), but coffee just tastes so much better here. I even love iced coffee now. It’s the sweetest caffeine boost and I love sipping on it while munching on spicy noodles during lunch.

While strolling this afternoon, I stumbled upon Jangarpor Cafe. I was hot and thirsty so naturally I popped in. The owner was super sweet, making conversation with me while preparing my cappuccino. She told me about the yoga studio upstairs and how many tourists stop by her cafe. I enjoyed my drink on the patio and took the opportunity to snap a few shots (coffee shops are a blogger’s best friend). I loved the cappuccino so much that I ordered another drink on my way out. On that note, I’m sad one week has already gone by. I’m excited to continue exploring the city and hopefully share more cute spots with you guys.