Travel | Cottage Weekend Packing Tips

It’s almost been a month since the official beginning of summer but us Torontonians haven’t really felt it for longer than a few days at the time. It seems as though someone is holding the summer switch button and keeps powering it on and off as they please. Alas, this week has been a bit better (minus yesterday’s gloomy Tuesday). I’m finally looking forward to spending the weekend in Blue Mountain with a few friends. The weather is looking promising (knock on wood), and I’m just really excited to get out of the city for a few days and be “off the grid” (my version of off the grid is very complicated). As a notorious over-packer, I figured it was better if I laid down the law about what I’ll be bringing along with me to the cottage. There will be 12 other people there with me so I won’t be able to monopolize every drawer or storage space in the house (sadly). Below are a few essentials I think everyone should bring with them.

BEAUTYthefancynancy-beach-weekend-essentials-packing-tips-4Being in the wilderness (not really) is not an excuse to skimp on your beauty routine. Of course I won’t be carrying my full arsenal of products, but I have a few essentials which are always required. Starting on the left side I have my Olay facial clothes (all you need is water and you’re good to go), day and night face cream, CC gel, night serum (for under eye circles) and mascara. I have tiny lashes therefore mascara is a necessity in my daily life. For my body, I’m of course packing the Dove body wash, my deodorant and a body lotion.

HAIRthefancynancy-beach-weekend-essentials-packing-tips-5Getting my hair essentials down to these few items was a struggle. I wear extensions and often require a lot of tools/products to get them to look curly and shiny. Luckily for me, cottage weekends are usually very low maintenance therefore I’ll only need a few tools. A curling wand (for effortless beach waves), my favourite anti-frizz from Tresemme, a few hair clips, a detangling comb, a few hair ties, bobby pins and a hairbrush. You may adjust your haircare needs based on your hair type.

CLOTHINGthefancynancy-beach-weekend-essentials-packing-tips-2 thefancynancy-beach-weekend-essentials-packing-tips-3Frankly, I plan on spending my days in a bikini by the water. For other moments of the trip where the bikini may not be appropriate, you only need a few basics. A pair of comfortable jeans (boyfriend jeans), shorts, tank tops (or crop tops), a beach dress to wear over your swimsuit, a big and comfy sweaters for nights around the fire, a sports bra (I get intense while playing beach volleyball and a simple bikini top won’t cut it) and lounge pants (or work out pants). Also, don’t forget to bring warm and comfy pajamas as it tends to get colder at night. thefancynancy-beach-weekend-essentials-packing-tips-1My beach essentials include a swimsuit, a floppy hat (fancy and effective), a big beach towel, pretty sunnies, a moisturizing lip balm, lotion with SPF and wireless speakers.

– a razor because hair grows back on its own schedule.
– sunscreen because sun burns can quickly ruin a trip.
– bug spray because mosquitoes are everywhere :(.
– flip flops because we can’t always be barefooted.
– a first-aid kit because sh*t always happens.
– a good book with a saucy storyline.
– snacks for the road.
– a camera (or your phone + a selfie stick) to capture your favourite moments.

Everyone’s packing needs are different. The packing tips above are mostly based on my needs.  To help make sure that you know exactly what you need to pack for a weekend away, make a list a few days in advance and the day before (or the morning off if you’re last minute like me), spend at least an hour going through your list to make sure you don’t forget anything. We’re all human and will inevitably forget a thing or two but the more prepared you are, the better.thefancynancy-beach-weekend-essentials-packing-tips-6