Travel | Daydreaming About Cancun

My friend and photographer Jodianne gave me major FOMO when she was in Cancun this past January. I’ve decided to share the gorgeous images she took with you all in hopes of giving you a digital vitamin D boost.These photos are also inspiring my next vacation, not sure where I’ll go yet, but you’ll soon find out! Enjoy! thefancynancy-mexico-cancun-jodiannebeckford-the-fancy-nancy-vacation-1 thefancynancy-mexico-cancun-jodiannebeckford-the-fancy-nancy-vacation-3 thefancynancy-mexico-cancun-jodiannebeckford-the-fancy-nancy-vacation-11 thefancynancy-mexico-cancun-jodiannebeckford-the-fancy-nancy-vacation-6 thefancynancy-mexico-cancun-jodiannebeckford-the-fancy-nancy-vacation-9 thefancynancy-mexico-cancun-jodiannebeckford-the-fancy-nancy-vacation-4

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