Travel | First Time in Chicago

I can finally cross Chicago off my bucket list. During Easter weekend, my friend Gillis and I embarked on a wild-goose chase to the windy city. She had buddy passes from Southwest Airlines and invited me to go along with her.I had never flown with a buddy pass before so I wasn’t sure what to expect – let me just say that it was one HELL – OF – A trip. We started off by taking the Greyhound to Buffalo airport (had to fly domestic). The bus ride was interesting to say the least. Our driver got lost multiple times and we arrived in buffalo roughly 2 hours later than planned. Upon arrival at the airport, we found out that our flight had been cancelled due to bad weather and that the next flight wasn’t until 6pm (we got to the airport at 3am ya’ll). After weighing in our options (whether to change our travel destination, attempt to get on a connecting flight in Baltimore…), we chose to wait for the later direct flight to Chicago. For those who have ever been to Buffalo airport, you know how dead and boring it is. Our day was filled with hilarious snapchatting (thefancynancy19) and vlogging. I promise to upload some of our adventures for you all to see. After waisting a day, we landed in Chicago at 7:30pm, Ubered to the hotel (more details on that in tomorrow’s blog post), snacked and got ready for dinner. Below are some photos taken on Saturday while sightseeing. I didn’t get too many photos in because I was trying to vlog. We’ll see how the vlogs turn out, I’m a little angsty to post them because my face looks weird on camera. Chicago was definitely an amazing trip – although too short. I was a bit bummed that the big bean was wayy smaller than I thought. It’s the third time an American landmark has disappointed me; the big piano at FAO and the big Christmas tree were also much tinier than expected. I can’t wait to go back when the weather is warmer for more discovery and to hang out with my new friends :). Stay tuned! 

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