Travel | Thai Grand Canyon Adventure

Am I the only one who’s been a bit of a downer today because of the weather? This week has been pretty blue, and it took a little toll on me. To cheer myself up, I figured I’d share my Thai Grand Canyon experience. 

You may ask yourself, Grand Canyon in Thailand? Having been to the American Grand Canyon (Vegas 2016 was AMAZING), I was pretty much expecting a similar situation. To my surprise, the Thai Grand Canyon was a lot more modest. It’s more of a family water park, accompanied by an adults only beach next door.

With all the shuffling between Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, a day at the beach was well deserved. I miss the hot Thai afternoons, and sitting in the shade with an iced coffee, or in this case a mojito. 

Apparently they’ve had quite a few injuries from people jumping off the canyons into the water, so they’ve made it extremely secure. They now have designated diving zones that are heavily guarded with lifeguards. I couldn’t muster the courage to dive as my friend who went in before said the water was too cold.

Couldn’t resist snapping this cute yellow car on our way to the market to grab a few snacks.

Now that I’m finally settled down and have a routine, I REALLY miss Thailand and the easy-going nature of its people. It was truly one of the most amazing trips of my life. I highly recommend a visit to the Chiang Mai Grand Canyon. It’s probably one of the cheapest escapes from the city, and it’s worth it. I spent a few hours hiding in the shade with a good book (and my phone).