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Day two in Amsterdam was filled with a lot of walking and sight seeing. Our first order of business upon waking up and getting ready was breakfast. We walked down to a sandwich shop near our hotel and picked up sandwiches and drinks to go and continued our journey to Amsterdam Central station. There we went on a canal tour, which gave us a view of Amsterdam through it’s many canals. The tour was filled with gorgeous landscape views everywhere we looked. I loved seeing that most of the city’s canals are very well maintained and that the bridges were decorated with beautiful flowers. thefancynancy-amsterdam-europe-netherland-adventure-blogger-travelblog-1 thefancynancy-amsterdam-europe-netherland-adventure-blogger-travelblog-10 thefancynancy-amsterdam-europe-netherland-adventure-blogger-travelblog-12If you’re wondering why the post is titled Space Muffin, take a hard look at my face. The night before I had partaken in an Amsterdam touristic tradition and purchased a space muffin from one of the many coffee shops. Upon waking up the next day, I had a slight space muffin “hangover” and was very much blurred and confused for the most part that morning, hence the sunglasses. thefancynancy-amsterdam-europe-netherland-adventure-blogger-travelblog-2 thefancynancy-amsterdam-europe-netherland-adventure-blogger-travelblog-3 thefancynancy-amsterdam-europe-netherland-adventure-blogger-travelblog-5 thefancynancy-amsterdam-europe-netherland-adventure-blogger-travelblog-9Seeing so many bikers around the city made me wish that Toronto was as bike friendly as Amsterdam. Perhaps if that was the case I’d own a bike and ride it around town whenever I had errands to run. On day two I wore a Massimo Dutti boat neck sweater with a white silk camisole underneath, blue pants from the Gap and my favourite Dior sunnies to shield my eyes from the sun. The coat is from Zara, which is unfortunately sold out in Canada. thefancynancy-amsterdam-europe-netherland-adventure-blogger-travelblog-14 thefancynancy-amsterdam-europe-netherland-adventure-blogger-travelblog-13 thefancynancy-amsterdam-europe-netherland-adventure-blogger-travelblog-8Being in Amsterdam for only 2 days definitely wasn’t enough. It’s on my to do list to go back and see more of what the city has to offer in terms of culture and food. I hope you enjoyed a little bit of Amsterdam through my eyes.